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4 ways to stop snoring

There are a few techniques we've learned along the way to help our customers to reduce their snoring.*

Sleeping on one side

Sleeping on your back moves the tongue to the back of the throat and makes breathing harder. Harder breathing could be the cause of the snoring. Try to sleep on your side to avoid this condition or lessen it at least. Sleeping on one side may allow the air to flow more smoothly, reducing the vibrations. This may either stop the sound of a snore or make it quieter.



Nasal sprays

Sometimes blocked airways can cause snoring, try using a nasal spray which may prove helpful. They open the nose and airways by reducing inflammation.

Losing weight

The health benefits are well documented, but this can also help curb the snoring issue as well. Studies have shown overweight individuals tend to snore more than normal. This seems like a win-win solution, two birds, one stone kind of win.

Quitting smoking
Not to mention the adverse health benefits of smoking, stopping can help you stop snoring as well. Smoking will irritate your airways which in turn makes the snoring much worse.

*This post is certainly not the end-all. If you have concerns about your snoring and worried about its effects on your sleep or perhaps others' sleep, we do recommend you consult your physician.