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5 bedtime foods that may help with sleep

Should I eat before bed? Probably a question that has been asked many, many times over. If you do decide to snack close to bedtime, here are 5 good options.

  1. Cherries are a good place to start. They’re high in melatonin which controls the wake and sleep cycles but a boost in melatonin signals your body that it’s bedtime.
  2. Half a turkey sandwich. Try to use whole grain bread and the turkey is loaded with tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that promotes sleep. This is partly why Thanksgiving dinner makes you sleepy.
  3. Another great option is whole-grain cereal with milk. The milk also contains tryptophan which promotes sleep and the whole grains contain calming carbs and magnesium. The magnesium can also make you feel sleepy.
  4. How about half a banana and some almonds? These are also great sources of tryptophan, carbs and magnesium.
  5. The old standby is a cup of warm milk. As above, the milk contains tryptophan and magnesium, sure sleep helpers. Mom’s are always right, and now science can prove it!

In any of these choices it’s a safe bet not to overindulge right before bed. Smaller servings are the key here. Nighty-night!!