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Bed size dimensions and guide

Choosing the right mattress is tricky enough, but the size can be a topic of debate as well. Bill’s Bed comes in five different sizes from twin to king. I’m happy to discuss each size in hopes of making your choice a wise one.

double sided mattress
Twin mattress size
Twin size is also commonly referred to as a single. This size is perfect for children, with the smallest sleep area of all the standard mattress sizes. Twin mattress dimensions are generally 38” W x 75” L.

Twin extra-long or TXL mattress size
With an extra 6” in length, the twin XL mattress is a great option for university students. This mattress is 38” W x 80” L. Think of it as a width of a twin or single but the length of a queen.  Two twin XL mattresses placed together are the size of a king which is a perfect choice for those couples who can’t decide on their firmness. One mattress is flipped on the firm side and the other on the plush.

Full mattress size
Full size is also commonly referred to as a double, this is a great choice for growing children. The dimensions of a full mattress are 54” W x 75”.

Queen size mattress
Hands down the most popular mattress size choice, this option provides more sleeping space and is often comfortable enough for two adults. Queen size mattress dimensions are 60” x 80”.

King size mattress
A great choice for those who enjoy their own space when sleeping, or love to share with kids or pets. The King size mattress provides ample room for the perfect sleep at 76” x 80”.

bed size options