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Best spot for your dog in the bedroom.

I know what you’re thinking, experts will agree that the best spot for your dog to sleep is probably not in your bedroom. I have to agree with this but I just love the companionship they provide and the snuggles they’re so willing to give and I don’t follow the expert's advice.

pets in bed

Let’s kick the experts to the curb and for those of us who love sleeping with our four-legged friends discuss the issue.

I’ll give you my personal routine with our two labs, Winnie and Robin. Winnie is a 10-year-old Black lab and Robin is a 4-year-old chocolate lab. They are early risers and want to be fed before 7 am. They don’t sleep through the night with us but are in close proximity and can be heard early whimpering to be fed.

After a trip outside for their business and then proceeding to their breakfast, its back in bed with us. Winnie loves to sleep at my feet and Robin beside her. They won’t move unless we start to stir and then its playtime. Robin will walk up to the head of the bed and places both her paws shoulders, her nose inches from mine. There's no subtlety to her game and she means business. She wants attention. Winnie sees what's going on and has to be part of the action. She slowly makes her way beside Robin and now I have two labs noses inches from mine. They both now want and demand attention. After a few minutes of ear rubs and scratched under their chins, I shoo them back to the foot of the bed until we rise for the day.

Comment below with your routine.