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How did you choose a Bill’s Bed supplier?

Talking to potential customers I often get asked the question of supplier selection. I love this question because I’m extremely proud of the companies I have chosen to partner in producing my products.

A bit of a background on myself. I’ve worked for the largest manufacturer of mattresses in the world for over a decade. My role was the strategic sourcing of materials for Canada and Mexico. I’ve sourced materials from all over the world to support this function. My other roles have been with another of Canada’s largest mattress manufacturers and again, sourcing materials from around the globe.

The relationships I’ve built in these roles have allowed me to partner with suppliers that are located right here in Canada. Bill’s Bed foams are produced by the world's largest foam supplier. They are located in the GTA where they pour, cut and assemble foams for all of the major mattress manufacturers in Canada. My fabric used in the mattress is knit by a family run business using state of the art technology in Ontario and cut and sewn by another family-run business in Toronto. These manufacturers are world-class, innovative and well respected in their industries.

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Our box spring is built and designed in Canada using lumber from sustainable forests in Quebec. Our metal bed frame is again designed and built-in Quebec using recycled Canadian steel. The corrugated shipping box in used in Bill’s Bed is again family run business with over 40 years of service. They produce corrugated from recycled materials and are located in the GTA.