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How should I care for my bed?

There are four key factors to consider when caring for your bed.

1) Support. Ensure the mattress is properly supported through a good quality box spring and frame. Ensure all of the wood slats are in good condition without any slats missing or broken. Ensure the frame is level and resting on the floor in all touch points. Without proper support and a flat level frame the mattress will not feel and perform as intended.

2) Protective cover. Spills and stains can deteriorate the fabric and foam if not cleaned immediately. Use a breathable waterproof cover on any new mattress is a great way to protect your investment.

3) Clean the mattress regularly. With a Bill’s Bed this part is quite easy. Simply unzip the cover and toss in the washing machine under gentle cycle using warm water and then toss straight into the dryer using the gentle cycle. Zip back on and you’re done! Otherwise, a regular vacuum of the mattress is a good idea. Spot cleaning is sometimes necessary but be very careful not to saturate the foam with the cleaning liquid. Less is more in this case. Let the surface dry before putting sheets back on.

4) Rotate the mattress. To keep the mattress looking and feeling great, rotate the mattress head to foot is a simple and effective way to extend the life of your mattress and investment.