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Mattress reviews: the truth behind what you're reading

We need to be very careful with customer review sites on the internet as there are hidden biases or strong incentive to be biased, so we want to ensure you’re aware.

How can you identify these sites and keep yourself from being duped? Keep an eye out for the following.

Discounts, Coupons, Referral Links, Giveaways

Biggest red flags. The offering of mattress discounts/coupons to visitors of a customer review site and or the presence of referral links likely shows that there is direct compensation/commission paid to the site by mattress companies.

Soft Reviews

Biased mattress-review websites tend to go easy on the mattresses they review or at least on the ones they earn (the most) commission from. In other words, they tend to play up the strengths of a mattress while downplaying its weaknesses – if they mention any real weaknesses at all.


A central characteristic of being unbiased is to be neutral. Biased mattress-review websites, however, tend to endorse mattresses in some way.

Poor Review Methodology

Avoiding bias in a mattress review requires more than merely not being affected by financial considerations.

 See the attached article about Sleepopolis and Casper: