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The bed industry. What’s really behind it.

Many people I’ve talked with who are looking for a mattress are always so confused over their choices. Many times when they try to compare a mattress they've seen at one retailer, the next retailer does not carry that same mattress. They will carry something slightly different from the same manufacturer.   This is not a coincidence but is by design in Canada. The major retailers in Canada will not carry the same item as the next in an effort to differentiate themselves from other retailers. It is extremely difficult to compare models from one retailer to the next. You will need to do your homework in an effort to compare innerspring, foam toppers, thicknesses, quality, and price. It is not like going into one Honda dealership and asking to look at the Accord and then to another dealership in the city to compare pricing. The next Honda dealership will not carry the Accord but something slightly different.

The mattress industry purposely does this to avoid the price shopping ability of the consumer. They will produce one model for a retailer and dress it up slightly differently and sell it to the next. One retailer might have an exclusive spring, topper or fabric that the others don't carry and this again is to differentiate themselves from the others.

In a nutshell, this creates confusion to the consumer and they will rely on the recommendation from the commissioned salesperson on the showroom floor. The consumer is overwhelmed by choice of innersprings toppers, tight top, pillow top, euro pillow top and comfort choice. Often they will lie on the mattress for under a minute to make their choice that they will sleep on for the next 8 to 10 years.

At Bill’s Bed we do things differently. Everything in our mattress is outlined so you're able to compare against other brands. We have a two-sided mattress that allows you to choose your comfort post-purchase. If you don’t like the plush side, simply turn the mattress over to the firm. You have 100 nights to decide and if you're not completely satisfied, returns are free and we’ll refund you 100% of the purchase price.