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What do the layers in your mattress really do to improve sleep?

We briefly touched on this subject in another blog post, “What type of mattress do I need”, where we spoke about the breakdown of a mattress. We talked about the primary parts of a mattress, the core or innerspring and the comfort layers. In this blog, we’ll discuss the comfort layers.

mattress foam layers

The comfort layers are designed just as the name implies, to provide comfort. As previously discussed the innerspring provides the backbone and the majority of the support whereas the comfort layers are very much personal preference. They are designed in conjunction with the core to provide maximum comfort and feel to the customer.

Various types of layers are available from polyurethane to memory foam to latex and everything in between. The trade names and brand names can be very confusing as well as the quality of each varies greatly.

All of these comfort layers are designed to give you that restful sleep we all crave and need. The way they improve sleep is to provide the customer with the comfort they prefer. This comfort could be a very plush feel to a very firm feel. At Bill’s Bed we provide both. One side of our mattress is designed with a plush comfort layer and the other side is designed with a firm feel. The customer now can decide on their preference once the mattress is in their home. Our risk-free trial is 100 nights or 50 per side.