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What is Bed-in-a-Box?

Simply put, Bed in a Box is just a mattress compressed and placed in a box to be shipped directly to the consumer. The compression of a mattress is somewhat new to consumers but in manufacturing, it has been done for decades. Major spring producers have been compressing inner springs and shipping to the major manufacturers to save on shipping costs. Often 12 to 16 springs up to 10 inches thick have been compressed into one bundle 18 inches thick. This practice is now growing leaps and bounds by direct to consumer models. A compression machine first wraps the mattress in plastic, compresses the mattress to a thickness of about 2”, folds and rolls the mattress again in plastic and then places it into a corrugated box ready for shipment.

The end consumer removes the mattress from the box, unwraps and unrolls the mattress and cuts the plastic to expand the foam. Expansion generally takes a few hours and is able to sleep on that evening. A common question is how do you get it back in the box? Once opened the mattress is unable to go back into the box for return.