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What price is a good price for a mattress?

I get this question quite often and it’s not a simple one to answer. Mattress pricing, like most products, varies greatly in price and can be a daunting task. They can start as low as $100 and go into the thousands. Remember that name recognition, overhead, delivery, and profit are all factors in the total cost and price. The bed in a box industry has greatly these costs is a great place to start and will be just as good if not even better than the name brand products.

The first place to start is who it is for and how will it be used. Is it in a spare bedroom and expecting only a few nights of sleep per year or is it in the master bedroom? Are you buying a twin size mattress for a growing child and you plan a larger size a few years later? How much you spend and your budget will vary greatly once these questions are answered.

When shopping for a mattress there are several considerations and cost factors that affect the overall price. What is the innerspring composition is one consideration? Is it a spring mattress, pocket coil or foam innerspring. Foam type is another. Polyurethane, latex, gel-infused memory foam or a combination. The density of the foam will affect the longevity of your investment and these can vary greatly from one mattress to another. It’s buyer beware when shopping and comparisons are key as these will vary greatly. See an earlier article on The Bed industry. What’s really behind it.

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Assuming you’re shopping for a queen mattress, the low end of the scale will be approximately $650 while a mid-range will be $1200 and higher price point to $1800. These prices vary greatly and have caused great anxiety among shoppers. The mattress industry has trained consumers to wait for a sale where extremely discounted pricing has become the norm. Every retailer has posted amazing weekly sales for a limited time and rarely is a mattress purchased at full price. See the attached article on the Competition bureau investigating The Bay on misleading consumers on mattress pricing.