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When is my mattress too old?

The biggest mistake I see people doing when it comes time to replace their mattress is they wait too long. I believe this is because the decline in a mattress is generally a slow process over time. Your mattress isn't fine one day and not the next. It becomes very easy to become accustomed to the declining mattress and wait far too long to replace. Here are a few guidelines to knowing when your mattress is too old:

If your mattress is between 8 and 10 years old. Most people can’t remember when they purchased their mattress. They often remember that they bought it when they moved into their home or when their first child was born or some other event. It’s a good idea to keep receipts and even perhaps write the date on the label of the mattress. Consumer Reports magazine recommends replacement every 8 to 10 years.

Other mattresses are more comfortable. I’ve talked with many customers that have stated they slept in a hotel, B&B or go away on vacation and had a great night's sleep. It was probably not the other mattress was so great but that their own mattress was ready for replacement.  

Your mattress has a visible or noticeable sag. Mattress foams break down over time and will lose their durability and ability to support you comfortably. If your mattress has a visible sag over 1” it probably needs replacement or contacting the manufacturer for a warranty claim. A sag over 1 inch can greatly affect the quality of your sleep. If the sag is not visible, it probably means the ability of the foam to support you correctly has ended. This is a really good sign that it’s time to replace your mattress.

Your spring mattress squeaks or your box spring creaks. The ability of your mattress to provide support can be greatly affected by what supports your mattress. If you feel like your mattress is in fairly good condition but that something is off, consider checking your bed’s box spring and the frame that it’s sitting on. Broken or worn-out box springs can affect a mattress's comfort, support, and shape. Similarly a frame, without a centre support, may cause even a new mattress to sag in the centre.

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