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Why doesn’t Bill’s Bed sell pillows?

One question I’m often asked is why doesn’t Bill’s Bed sell pillows?
Well the short answer is that if you think choosing a mattress is difficult, wait until you need to choose a pillow! Choosing a mattress is so much decided on comfort level, plush or firm. This is why Bill’s Bed is two-sided, so you can choose post-purchase in the comfort of your own home. Pillows, on the other hand, have so many other variables it boggles the mind. From memory foam to down to shredded foam to polyester fibrefill, etc., it can get complicated quickly. The first place I would recommend is based on your sleeping position. Side versus, back versus stomach sleepers.

The best pillows for side sleepers
Side sleepers should look for firmer pillows that’s about 4 to 5 inches thick or as thick as the distance from your shoulder to your ear. This pillow will keep the spine aligned while you’re sleeping on your side. Think of these pillows as sleeping on top and not in the pillow.

The best pillows for stomach sleepers
Stomach sleepers need something very different from side sleepers. This group of sleepers should look for a softer, thinner, more conforming pillow yet supportive. Your neck position sleeping on your stomach is not in its natural position, but the proper pillow will allow spinal alignment. An improper pillow in this group can cause shoulder, neck and back pain.

The best pillows for back sleepers
Back sleepers should look for a firm, high loft pillow with a fill that provides support right out to the edges of the pillow. Another option is to look for pillows with divots for the head to help keep the spine aligned. A poor choice in pillow will not keep the spine aligned and have you waking up with a “crick in your neck”.

Another thing to consider when a new pillow is the warranty, exchange, return and refund policy of the retailer. Be careful to choose your retailer wisely so you’re able to choose a different pillow if your first choice doesn’t seem right. Otherwise your overnight guests will be left with several pillow choices.