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Tips for Buying

I truly believe you deserve to be as informed as possible about buying the best quality sleep products. Your everyday success depends on it. That’s why I’m happy to share what I know.

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    Myths of what’s in a mattress

      Often times retailers and manufacturers state that their products are filled with wool, silk, latex or the latest and greatest materials. Very often the amount and specifications are either left out or are proprietary. How much of these products are actually in the mattress? What’s the thickness and density? The number of coils is also a little misunderstood and misleading. You’ll sometimes see the number of coils advertised in a mattress but it might be the “density” of the coils and not the actual number of coils. Think of it as buying a 2 x 4 piece of lumber. The actual dimensions are not 2 x 4 but in fact 1 ½ x 3 ½.

        How to buy a mattress

          Mattress buying can be a confusing and time-consuming process. Retailers have purposely designed and ordered mattresses from manufacturers that are different from other retailers and made it very difficult to price and specification match. Plus, heavy promotional discounts are offered but only for a limited time, and pressure tactics from commissioned salespeople just add to the confusion. Consumers should be aware of this and ask to see a breakdown of the products used, how much and the quality of the products used, then compare this information with other retailers and other manufacturers to make a wise choice.

            Ensuring you’re getting the best value POSSIBLE

              Once armed with the specifications, it’s time to shop around. Consumers should review this data with other retailers and other manufacturers to ensure the price they’re paying is fair market value. This can often lead to lots of time spent visiting retailers, gathering information and arming yourself with knowledge.

                What to consider when buying a mattress/bed

                  Consider the specifications you’ve just gathered and compare with others. Consider your budget and the use this mattress will get over time. Is it a main bedroom or a guest room with very little use? Where is it made and where were the components produced? Are the components coming from off shore? What is the return process and warranty? Ask about delivery and how long it will take to receive.

                    What you’ll get from a retailer. And what you won’t.

                      You should be able to achieve the raw material specifications at a retailer, and if not, there’s probably a reason why. You should also be able to understand the warranty and where the product was sourced and produced. You won’t be able to ask about another retailer’s product or about another mattress you saw at another retailer as they are slightly different and will be priced accordingly. It’s not like shopping for a particular car brand and simply going to another dealership for a price comparison.

                        Who are you sleeping with?

                          Know the products, specifications and country of origin of the mattress you buy. Get into bed with a product you know and trust.

                            Buying a frame

                              Ensure the bed frame you’ve chosen is designed for the mattress and box spring you’ve purchased. The frame is the point of contact with the floor that supports the box spring and mattress you have invested in. An improper frame will not support the box spring and mattress possibly making the mattress feel uncomfortable, lumpy or lopsided.

                                Buying a box spring

                                  The box spring is a vital component to the entire sleep system. It must be sound in construction without any missing or broken pieces. Slats must be sufficiently spaced to support the mattress chosen. Spacing between slats for memory foam mattresses should not be more than 3” apart. 

                                    Buying a FULL sleeping solution

                                      Ensure all of your components, mattress, box spring and frame are well designed and work together. All three pieces need to be sound and designed for the mattress of your choice. Follow the tips above to ensure a good night’s sleep.